In 2010 I began searching for the best places in the UK for outdoor swimming. This quest led me to Roger Deakin's Waterlog, a masterpiece of late 20th century travel writing and an exploration of the visceral, life–giving thrill of throwing yourself into a body of cold water.

Two years later I set out to retrace Roger's journey across the UK, travelling from the flatlands of East Anglia to the Western Isles of Scotland, south to Scilly and Cornwall and north to the Yorkshire/Cumbria borderlands, exploring how swimming can ease problems with anxiety along the way. In early 2015, I finished my wild swimming odyssey with a swim in Roger's moat at the Elizabethan farmhouse he called home until his death in 2006. You can read all about my swimming adventures over at Waterlog Reswum. The book about my journey, Floating: A Life Regained, is out in 2017 on Duckworth. Pre–order from HiveAmazon and Waterstones now.